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It's Time to Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Posted on Thu, 2016/05/26 - 11:55am by Jeff Mull

You’re standing on the edge of a cliff, your knees are shaking slightly and your heart is racing. Twenty feet below you stands the ocean. This is crazy, you tell yourself. But then, another voice calls out, compelling you to step outside of your comfort zone and take the plunge. And with that voice urging you on, you take a deep breath and leap off the cliff and into the ocean. By the time you make it to the surface, you can’t fight back your smile; you've never felt this alive.

As it turns out, pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone, by doing things like cliff jumping, is actually good for you. To boot, there’s quite a bit of research backing up this notion. When we take on a challenge that’s beyond our comfort zone, when we engage in something that scares us or produces a small amount of anxiety, we’re scientifically proven to perform at a higher level. We secretly crave it and a little stress is actually good for us. “Somewhere between checked out and freaked out lies an anxiety sweet spot, in which a person is motivated to succeed yet not so anxious that performance takes a dive,” wrote The Wall Street Journal.

By pushing yourself, essentially taking your life off auto-pilot and revving up the engine, you’re living up to your fullest potential. Of course, there are ways to take it too far. But here on the North Shore, you’re surrounded by a wealth of ways to safely take your life out of neutral. Ever wanted to surf the North Shore’s famous waves? How about swimming with sharks? From your homebase at Turtle Bay, you’re within arms reach of all of this and so much more.

In becoming a person who regularly takes calculated risks, challenges yourself, and tries new things, you’ll cultivate openness to experience, one of what’s known in psychology as the ‘Big Five’ personality traits,” wrote the Huffington Post. “Openness to experience — which is characterized by qualities like intellectual curiosity, imagination, emotional and fantasy interests, and a drive to explore one’s inner and outer lives — has been shown to be the best predictor of creative achievement.”

If you’re craving adventure, the North Shore is the place to be. From our oasis, you can take the calming vacation you’ve always wanted, yet simultaneously challenge yourself by interweaving a fast-paced mountain bike ride in with your afternoon yoga session. Don’t wait another day to start your life, step out of your comfort zone and into our world. A place where a life-changing adventure can be found around nearly every corner.

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My wife Tina and I spent two wonderful weeks at your resort in May. We are hoping to return in April or May next year. Keep up the wonderful things you are all doing, a great place for a get away. See you next year, Anthony Spano