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The New Menu Dishes You Have to Taste at North Shore Kula Grille

Posted on Fri, 2016/04/15 - 1:57pm by Jessica Gellert

Get ready to tickle your taste buds and satisfy your soul with our newest mouthwatering dishes at North Shore Kula Grille.

Chef de Cuisine Anthony Phillips has brought the home cooking he was raised on to a new level, pairing his favorite meals with some island flavor.

“It seems everything is farm-to-table these days,” said Phillips. “Our menu is more island-to-table because we are incorporating items grown, produced and made here in Hawaii.”

I had to ask him about the new menu he launched April 15.

Q: Congrats on the new menu! It looks amazing! Which new dish is your favorite?

Chef: Definitely Kula’s Country Chicken Pot Pie because it reminds me of home, which is Bremen Germany. It would be cold there, but homemade chicken pot pie always had a way of making you feel warm. Our new pot pie includes chicken breast, taro, button mushrooms, fingerling potatoes and fresh sage, thyme & rosemary all enrobed in a puff pastry and slowly roasted.

Q:  What dish is the “must try” on the menu?

Chef: Our Big Boy Burger! Everyone loves bacon so of course it has bacon. But we took it a step further with pork belly and a sunny side up dripping egg on top!

Q: Okay, that sounds insane! But what about the vegetarians out there?

Chef:  For our vegetarian and vegan friends we have our Charcuterie which is roasted mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, corn, spinach, kabocha pumpkin & asparagus. All those are served with raw watermelon, hearts of palm, taro poke and beets.

Q: Time for my favorite course, dessert. What is the one dessert you are the most excited about on the new menu?

Chef: Our bread Pudding with Chocolate-Dipped Bacon!  It is unique because it is apple wood bacon mixed with Hawaiian sweet bread & taro bread, vanilla sauce and cranberries. Then, we top it off with a slice of bacon covered in chocolate.

Hungry? North Shore Kula Grille is open every night for dinner from 5:30-9:30p

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Which dish are you the most excited about or dying to try? Comment below!