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Oahu Shark Diving: Moments of Adrenaline on the North Shore

Our North Shore insiders love to give tips on where to go in and around Kahuku. This month, Bryton, a financial analyst at Turtle Bay, shares a recent shark diving experience.

With 17 out of 39 shark species threatened with extinction, Oahu shark diving is an activity that (safely) sheds new light on these oft-misunderstood creatures. The folks at One Ocean Diving (66-105 Haleiwa Beach Road) are North Shore experts who shed light on the importance of sharks to a healthy, natural equilibrium of the ocean’s ecosystem.

“Like many people, I had a preconceived notion that sharks are scary and mean,” said Bryton. “This experience showed me the opposite.”

The shark diving experience starts with a 15-minute ride offshore into the Haleiwa Harbor, where the experienced crew at One Ocean Diving searches for sharks for the ultimate snorkeling experience. You may also spot dolphins, whales, Honu (sea turtles), monk seals, and more during the ride.

Depending on animal behavior, weather conditions, and the group size, you’ll get about 45-60 minutes in the water to experience sharks up close.

“I enjoyed swimming with the sharks. The experience had moments of adrenaline-induced excitement coupled with a solid education that you’ll take away. It changed my perspective on these beautiful animals.”

Best Time to Visit:
Bryton recommends early morning trips. “Heading out at 7am offers the calmest, clearest conditions.”

Travel Tip:
“Be prepared if you get motion sickness,” said Bryton. (According to the folks at One Ocean Diving, Dramamine is a common over-the-counter pill that helps treat and prevent the symptoms of motion sickness.) Bryton recommends a sunscreen, hat, rash guard (recommended but not required), and a waterproof camera or GoPro to snap underwater images you’ll have forever.

Meet Bryton:
Bryton is a financial analyst at Turtle Bay Resort. Originally from Los Angeles, he moved to Oahu after attending UC Santa Cruz and getting a master's degree in economics and finance. His favorite North Shore memory is watching Kelly Slater win the PipePro Contest in 2022. He enjoys surfing, hiking, diving, music, and eating – and now, sharks.

Find One Ocean Diving:
66-105 Haleiwa Beach Road
(808) 649-0018