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From Our Garden to Your Plate

Posted on Wed, 2015/04/08 - 3:06pm by Jessica Gellert

It can’t get any fresher than this- a roof top garden where herbs, vegetables and fruits are picked daily to top off your cocktails, salads and main dishes. You’ll find Kale, chard, lettuce, mint, chives, strawberries, arugula, sage, taro and more growing on the roof of our second floor.

“The garden brings our farm-to-table concept to life.”

said the keeper of the garden Henry Fong. The garden doesn’t stop on the roof. Henry created a wall garden in North Shore Kula Grille. He partners with a local farmer to maintain it

“We have marigolds, which we use to garnish our sushi and the flowers are actually very high in vitamin C,” said Fong.

And this is only the beginning- there are plans to create a nursery near the Paradise Helicopters launch area as well as more garden boxes on the roof.  We'll be sure to keep you posted once all that has sprouted into the picture.

What are your favorite farm-to-table dishes from Turtle Bay? Share them below.