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Our Top Three Summer Adventures For Your Family

Posted on Fri, 2015/05/29 - 3:36pm by Jeff Mull

At Turtle Bay Resort, we believe that there's always an adventure to be had. Whether it's swimming with sharks or exploring a hidden trail, an adventure is always around the corner. To make it even easier for you to seize the day, we've highlighted our three favorte family friendly adventures below. 

Canoe Surfing with the Family: The Ride of Your Life

From your vantage point in the outrigger, you can perfectly see the wave approaching. As the swell marches steadily toward you, a sense of excitement fills the warm Hawaiian air. All around you, the water glistens and the smell of salt lingers overhead.

“Paddle!” your guide yells. And with the command given, you and your family begin stroking as one and turn the outrigger toward the lush shoreline. Quickly, your momentum builds. In the blink of an eye and with your heart pounding, you feel the thrill of weightlessness as the wave takes hold of your Hawaiian vessel. Your two children let loose a hoot of excitement you’ve never heard as you dart towards the shore. With a wry smile, you extend your paddle over your head and hoot with them.

You’ve just experienced the ancient Hawaiian thrill of canoe surfing. And now, with your entire family speechless and beaming, you paddle back out for more.

At Turtle Bay, through our North Shore Guides Club, this type of adventure can be yours. Not only are you and your family on an adventure in one of the most beautiful stretches of coast in the world, but you’re also building memories that you’ll be talking about for decades to come. Let us awaken the adventurists inside your family. Let us take you on a ride you’ll never forget.


The Keiki Summer Adventure Package

If you’re looking to show your keiki (children, in Hawaiian) a true North Shore adventure, take a peek at our Adventure Package. Created specifically for children of various age groups in mind. For keiki between 6 and 11 years old, we’ve crafted a perfect half-day adventure that will see them explore beautiful Kawela Bay, search for turtles onboard a Hawaiian outrigger canoe, and even catch a wave with “Hina,” the surfing dog. Throw in a tour of Hawaiian lava tubes, disk golf and more and your keiki are sure to have a day they’ll never forget.



Did you know that Turtle Bay has more than five miles of coastline? It’s true. And amid the various trails that run through the resort are opportunities for horseback riding, jogging, and a chance to explore hidden beaches. On your family adventure, you can get away in a quiet hidden tide pool that’s as calm as a lake or explore the ancient banyan tree that’s been featured in films like Pirates of the Caribbean and hit show, Lost.  


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it would be super fun if you had a teen program ages 12 to 16. this is the age where teens would like to meet other teens and have some time away from they parents. please think about this