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Poker with the Pros Returns to Turtle Bay

Posted on Wed, 2016/10/26 - 10:41am by Jeff Mull

Come Tuesday, November 29 the world’s best surfers will find themselves in relatively uncharted waters as they gear up for the fourth annual Poker with Pros charity event right here at Turtle Bay. That’s right, surfers playing poker, all for a good cause.

Each year, Poker with the Pros, organized and presented by Chance ’Em, donates the money raised from the event to local high school surf teams. Over the past three years, more than $5,000 dollars has been ponied up to strengthen and encourage high school surfers’ devotion to a sport we all hold so dear. While many other high school sports teams hold coffers to buy uniforms, travel, and purchase team meals, the sport of surfing hasn’t been so fortunate. In Hawaii, surfing is a part of our collective culture and to see organizations like Chance 'Em bring the North Shore community and the best surfers together to raise money for a sport that defines us is heartwarming.

As we've mentioned, Poker with the Pros will include North Shore standouts, World Tour surfers and surf industry bigwigs alike, all of whom will be doubling down at the event. In the past, the likes of Sebastian Zietz, Jadson Andre, Ross Williams, Makua Rothman, Fred Patachia, Flynn Novak and Myles Padaca have all pulled up a seat at the table. In total, 30 players are invited to participate in this good-natured charity event.

“I’ve always loved attending this event,” says North Shore local and Board Stories TV host Chris Latronic. “I haven’t yet had a chance to get dealt in, but we’ve covered the event and it’s got the best vibes. It’s classic to see these world-class surfers playing poker. Just like in the water, they can get pretty competitive, which is great because all of the money raised supports high school surf teams, and they could really use our support.”

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how can we come and watch this event?