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Talking Story with Kai Lenny

Posted on Wed, 2015/02/25 - 10:19am by Jeff Mull

Following his historic win at the SUP Sunset Beach Pro we caught up with Turtle Bay Ambassador Kai Lenny to get his take on the win, his relationship with Sunset Beach, and where he goes from here.

So tell me how it feels to win this event yet again.
Man, I’m feeling so happy. It’s a little bit overwhelming. But I feel amazing. I love this event and to win out here on the North Shore…it’s just a wonderful thing. You’ve had a pretty strong history with this contest at Sunset Beach.

Can you tell me about your competitive history at Sunsset?
Yeah, I’ve been fortunate to do well out at Sunset and the wave here is really special to me. This is the fourth time I’ve won this event out of six years. The other two events I was able to place second. So all in all, Sunset Beach has really been good to me over the years.

With such a strong showing over the years, how confident do you feel competing at this event?
Well, I love to surf out here, but I think with a wave like Sunset Beach, you can never really be too comfortable. You really have to respect this wave and if you don’t, she’ll hammer you. But having a win like this early on in the season does a lot for my confidence moving forward. I’m feeling really good about the future and I’m stoked to get out there and mix it up on the SUP tour.

So where do you go from here?
Right now, I’m going back to Maui to relax for a little bit, hang out with my friends and family and just enjoy being home. After that, I’m going to New Zealand to compete in the Ultimate Waterman event, which I’m sure is going to be a blast.