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Three Family Friendly Hikes on the North Shore of Oahu

Posted on Sun, 2017/03/26 - 10:29pm by Jessica Gellert

From the mountains to the ocean, there are dozens of family friendly activities to enjoy near Turtle Bay Resort. If you don’t want to leave our 850 acres, we have 12 miles of hiking trails, you can learn about them here. This post is going to take you off property for some scenic Hawaii hikes.

(Photo: DirtNinjaAdventures)

Ehukai Pillbox Hike
5.2 mile drive from Turtle Bay Resort 
Click here for directions 
Distance: 2.1 miles round trip 
Level: Moderate 
Parking: Park along Kamehameha Hwy. or use the Sunset Beach Elementary school park stalls if they are open.

This hike is an uphill climb that will get everyone’s heart pumping. There are ropes on some areas that tend to get slippery if it rained recently. There are also man made steps on steep parts to help you climb up and down. When you reach the top, you’ll encounter an old bunker from WWII paired with a breathtaking view of the North Shore. Don’t trek after a heavy rain, it tends to get very muddy and slippery.

(Photo: bi_ped808 on Flickr)

Kealia Trail 
21 mile drive from Turtle Bay Resort
Click here for directions
Distance: 3 mile round trip (top of mountain and back)
Level: Easy to Moderate
Parking: Dillingham airfield

You don’t have to wait until you get to the top of this hike to enjoy the view. The trail is uphill, but is a series of doable switchbacks, with lots of shaded areas. The kids will enjoy seeing glider planes pass by and being able to watch whales splashing during whale season, which is January to March. At the top of the trail there is a shaded area and a picnic table where you can enjoy the lunch you bring along with you. The trail continues over the Waianae mountain range, that trek is more uphill and may be too long for little ones. The total hike will be about 7.5 miles if you go passed the picnic table.

(Photo: NOT so good hikers on YouTube)

Laie Falls
6.8 mile drive from Turtle Bay Resort
Click here for directions
Distance: 7.9 miles round trip, this hike is recommend for older kids.
Level: Moderate to difficult
Parking: At the end of Poohaili St. in front of a gate

You begin this Oahu waterfall hike on a dirt/gravel road through farmland. Once you get to the trailhead you will be climbing uphill a bit on a well marked shaded trail. The trail opens up to dirt hills with no shade, but beautiful views of Laie. There are beautiful wild orchids and Ohia Lehua blossoms along the way to the falls, as well as cool pine forest you journey through. The fork of the trail that leads to the waterfall is clearly marked. You will head down hill to reach the waterfall and swimming hole. There is a rope to assist because it does get pretty steep. When you reach the waterfall you can enjoy a refreshing swim before you head back down the trail.

Here’s a cool video of the hike by NOT so Good Hikers on YouTube.

Be Prepared
Make sure you bring plenty of water with you on all these North Shore Oahu hikes as well as mosquito repellant, sunscreen and snacks. If there is rain in the forecast, save these adventures for a sunnier day because the trails may be muddy and dangerous. For more hiking tips you can stop by our Guide Post in the lobby.

Happy hiking!

What are your favorite hikes to do in Hawaii? Share in the comments below.