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Top Five Reasons to Visit the North Shore This Spring

There’s no wrong time to visit the North Shore, but if you’re planning a Hawaii spring break here, you’re in for a treat. Spring in Hawaii is special, particularly on the North Shore. It’s a time of rebirth and renewal, when the rains start to cease, the surf lets up, the flowers begin to bloom, and the crowds are at a lull. Read on for five reasons you should visit the North Shore this spring.

From the weather to the surfing, here’s why you shouldn’t miss spring in Hawaii.

The Weather

Spring in Hawaii marks the transition from the wet season (November-March) to the dry season (April-October) and is one of the most pleasant times to visit the North Shore of Oahu. The weather is perfect for outdoor activities, with less frequent rainfall than winter and milder temperatures when compared to summer. If you want to hike, bike, horseback ride, swim, surf, or otherwise experience the North Shore’s stunning natural beauty while staying dry, spring is the season for you.

The Deals

Spring is shoulder season in Hawaii, and with fewer visitors to the islands come greater travel deals. Families are often stuck at home during most of the season with no extended school breaks until summer. This usually translates into more affordable airfare, better room rates, and more kala (money) in your pocket for experiences, excursions, and eating opportunities on the North Shore.

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The Surf

If you’re not a pro surfer, spring is actually one of the best times to catch a wave on the North Shore. As trade winds die down to summer levels, the surf begins to let up, becoming more approachable to intermediate-level surfers. Waves are still big enough to have fun surfing but are not as intimidating as they are in the winter. Plus, with many visiting pros gone for the seasons and water temperatures in the high 70s, the conditions couldn’t be better for hanging out, having fun, and catching a wave.

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The Flowers

Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal on the North Shore. Following the heavy winter rains, the mountains are a vibrant green and the rainforest and gardens bloom with a variety of plants and colorful flowers. There are so many ways to experience these lush conditions, from hiking Waimea Valley and taking lei making classes to doing a bike tour through North Shore ahupuaʻa, or the triangular-shaped pieces of land stretching from the mountain to the sea (mauka to makai).

The Holidays

Compared to other seasons, spring has fewer holidays that draw large crowds to the islands. With the exception of Golden Week, which sees an influx of Japanese visitors in the last week of April and the first week of May, Oahu and the North Shore in particular remain low-key throughout the season. For those visiting in May, there are two holidays in Honolulu worth noting: the Lei Day Celebration, which celebrates the skill and artistry of Hawaiian lei makers, and the Shinnyo-en Lantern Floating Hawaii, which a beautiful commemoration of those who have passed on Memorial Day on Ala Moana Beach.

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