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VIDEO: THIS is Turtle Bay

Posted on Fri, 2015/01/23 - 10:40am by Jessica Gellert

What is Turtle Bay all about? All you have to do is hit "play" to find out. We summed up all the epic experiences waiting for you in this 60 second video. #TurtleBayResort #PlayTurtleBay

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Just like to tell uguys, over morning coffee i see your resort on TV, i believe the resort package was a grand prize for what ever show i had been watching.. i can't even remember what show i had been watching.. The feeling of joy,excitement, and a life of no worries bout anything!! Seeing your resort made me feel old feeling when my parents took me with them on a business meeting more than 35 years ago... Over the years i have spoke of the resort to my wife, and want to bring our family 4 boys and 1girl, and possible girl friends.. i may have upwards of 10 in my party.. to the place where i had no worries, no thoughts thoughts of collaps of government, and so on. i have not felt the feeling, but 2 other places in our Grand Country the USA... Uguys made memories to last within me for more than 35years... is it possible to get current pricing on everything that is possible at your resort.. i would love to stay for 2 weeks to maybe a month.. ThankU for the advertisement on TV.. Uguys Rock!!
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Beautiful would love to do horse adventure trail/beach ride.....will be there 3/10 - 3/15
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We are interested in a two night stay on April 18-19 2015 at the end of our cruise of the islands. I wanted to know if you had any package deals. We wanted to know if you provide transportation from the port and back to the airport. We should disembark by 8:30 on the 18 th and fly out at 1:30 on the 20th, Thank you Betty stafford
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What do you think about leaving the city (Honolulu) and staying here on Sunday and Monday night?? ;)