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Your Guide To Shark's Cove

Posted on Thu, 2015/04/16 - 12:07pm by Jeff Mull

Situated just past Waimea Bay heading towards Turtle Bay Resort, you’ll find Shark’s Cove. With its stretching tide pool that opens into a gorgeous cove, you’ll find this locale an ideal place to take the family snorkeling. The waters in the cove are literally bubbling over with fish (despite its name, you won’t find any sharks in the lagoon) and the cove has proven to be such a treasure that Scuba Diving Magazine named it in their top 12 shore dives in the world list.

While the cove can get a bit congested at times, once you’re surrounded by the majestic sea life that calls the cove home, you won’t notice the other snorkelers or divers. Parking is available on the road adjacent to the cove, but if the water is calm and there’s no swell, we recommend arriving early before it fills up. Sharks Cove snorkeling equipment can be rented at Turtle Bay for the entire family.

Because the cove can become turbulent during a large winter swell, we recommend diving or snorkeling in Oahu on a flat day or during the summertime. It’s also wise to note that the coral reef that surrounds the tide pools and flanks the cove is extremely sharp, so we recommend bringing reef walkers.

The Takeaway: Shark’s Cove is an amazing place to take the family snorkeling on a calm day. Rent equipment at Turtle Bay and arrive early. There’s also a handful of food trucks across the street that offer up a perfect post-snorkel lunch.

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