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Use of Conservation Lands at Turtle Bay Resort 

Through a private, public and community partnership (hui) between Turtle Bay Resort, the State of Hawai‘i, City and County of Honolulu, U.S. Army, The Trust for Public Land and the North Shore Community Land Trust, this hui has solidified the preservation in perpetuity nearly 630 acres of its resort zoned and open space land along its more than 4.5 miles of coastline, including major areas from Kahuku Point to Kawela Bay. 

(See below for access times and parking locations)

Under the historic agreement(s), one managed, maintained and secured by Turtle Bay Resort and Turtle Bay Resort retains ownership of 603.1-acres, the State owns a 52.6-acre parcel and the City a 7.6-acre parcel at Kawela Bay. All of these conserved lands will remain as protected open space and be free of resort or any other dwelling unit development, except 29.3-acres at parcel RR-4 which must be optioned by the state before November 2016 to be conserved for the future.

Public Hours

  • Public access is available sunrise to sunset, any day of the year, including holidays.
  • No access is allowed after sunset, unless authorized in writing by Turtle Bay Resort.

Public Uses
The following uses are allowed:

  • Hiking on designated trails (see maps at the trail head entrances or view on our website at public)
  • Beach access, including swimming, snorkeling, surfing, etc.
  • Family gatherings and picnics (Users are strongly encouraged to remove their trash upon leaving the area or place in trash receptacles where provided.)

The following uses are NOT allowed:

  • Access after sunset- NON-daylight hours without Turtle Bay Resort permission in writing.
  • Overnight camping
  • Special events, such as weddings, vow renewals or memorials
  • Usage of the property for commercial or promotional purposes, such as videography, photography, staged events, surf or stand up paddle lessons, etc.
  • Organized team or sports competitions or lessons or classes of any kind
  • Usage of off-road vehicles, motorcycles or dirt bikes on any part of the land is strictly prohibited, including the designated hiking trails