Sunset Surf

Paint & Pau Hana

Pau Hana signifies the end of the work day, but it’s really about what you do with your time when you leave work behind. It’s about relaxation and fun and spending time with friends and family. It’s enriching and essential. And at Turtle Bay, it’s also creative.

Welcome to the most relaxing kind of happy hour. Chill out after a long day of exploration, adventures, and discovery with a paintbrush in one hand and cocktail in the other. 

And capture your memories and the richness of your experiences of Turtle Bay by bringing home your very own piece of artwork to showcase to friends and family. 

Paint Aloha hat

Nothing could be more inspiring, or more pau hana, than enjoying the fresh air, the soothing ocean views, and refreshing breezes while sipping local cocktails or a glass of wine and painting the incredible landscape around you, even if you’ve never held a brush before.

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