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Jogging & Hiking Oahu


There is so much more to explore in addition to hiking Oahu. The beloved Kawela Bay Oahu is a secluded jewel, at the western edge of Turtle Bay Resort, protected by a large reef and home to a variety of marine animals. Ka wela means “the heat” in the Hawaiian language, and legend is told that the gods Kane and Kanaloa struck spring water from a rock known as Wai-Kane to give life to a once waterless region around Kawela Bay. Find Oahu hiking and walking trails around Kawela Bay.


This single tree, an amazing expanse of multiple trunks and vines, is routinely used as a filming location for major motion pictures and television shows, including “LOST” and “Pirates of the Caribbean.” Older banyan trees have “prop roots” that eventually grow into trunks as large as the original, and many banyans live to be several hundred years old.


Situated at the heart of Turtle Bay Resort, Kuilima Cove situated between two points "Kalaeokaunu" on the west and "Kalaeokamanu" on the east, is a sandy inlet that features one of the safest beaches on the North Shore for swimming, protected by a reef from ocean swells. Queen Lili‘uokalani, the last monarch of the Kingdom of Hawaii, swam here as a child in the mid-1800s.


A Romantic North Shore Sunset by Air over Oahu’s World Famous North Shore, Ko‘olau Mountains, Haleiwa Town & Remote Kaena Point. Approximate 30 minute tour in MD500 helicopter. All window seats. One evening departure per day. Two-way communication between you and your pilot.


Enjoy a stroll along Kings Walk where many legends surround Kahuku (“the projection”) Point. According to Hawaiian legend, Kahuku was once a floating island blown about by the winds. As it banged against Oahu, it made noises that disturbed the old woman guarding Princess La‘ieikawai, so she grappled the island with fishhooks and attached it to Oahu. This northernmost tip of Oahu, Kahuku Point is also known for its fishing and sea salt, (“Pa‘akai”) harvesting.