Indulge in Surfside Dining at Hang Ten Bar & Grill at Turtle Bay Resort

Enjoy tropical drinks surfside at the outdoor Hang Ten Bar & Grill. Stop by for a refreshing break and one of the island's best Mai Tai's. For more information, please contact us at 808.293.6000

Relax to the sounds of the surf while you discover why Turtle Bay Resort has received awards for “Hotel with the Best View.” Serving lunch and cocktails.

Every night of the week you will find something special happening here. You may find a Drum Circle, a keiki hula halau, live Hawaiian Style music, Fish Fries, or Fire Knife Dancers and every day at sunset you have a chance to order the Hang Ten signature drink, the "Green Flash". Green flashes are optical phenomena that occur shortly after sunset or just before sunrise when a green spot is visible, usually for no more than a second or two. These flashes can occur as a result of a group of various phenomena, but they are most commonly seen at locations with an unobstructed horizon, such as over the ocean, just like…oh, let’s say, the Hang 10 Bar & Grill at the pool of Turtle Bay!

In honor of the Green Flash, the Hang Ten crafted a signature drink, (Blue Curacao and Sauza Tequila, filled with OJ and Pineapple juice topped with Midori Garnish and a cherry (the cherry is the Sun). The special drink is only available a half hour before and a half hour after sunset.

Open Daily
Cocktails from 10a-10p
Food Service from 11a-7p