The ancient Hawaiians divided their land into three sections: Mauka, kula and makai – or mountains, midland and the sea – known as ahupua ‘a. It is the kula lands, primarily used for agriculture, that now serve as the inspiration for the North Shore Kula Grille.

Breakfast: 6:30a-10:30a
Dinner: 5:30p-9:30p

We welcome you to a place where farm-to-table thinking is behind every ingredient on our menu. Where fresh means seasonal produce picked just a few minutes away; where seafood is sourced daily from local waters; and where premium meats and poultry are raised with the utmost care on small-scale Hawaii farms and ranches.

At the North Shore Kula Grille you can explore the flavors of our islands as they have been enjoyed for centuries – naturally, with organic artisan farming and harvesting practices, showcasing the rich agricultural history of Hawaii and the North Shore in every dish. We bring a fresh twist to these traditions, with selections inspired by popular local flavors such as macadamia nuts, pineapple and coconut, as well as lesser-known ingredients like sea asparagus.


  • Kula Beet Salad >> roasted red and golden beets/Maui surfing goat cheese/micro greens Ka‘u orange/pinenuts/Kahuku watermelon/Meyer lemon vinaigrette
  • Kona Lobster Salad >> Kolea farm avocado/Ka‘u orange/Sumida farm watercress/shallot thyme dressing
  • Kula Grille Garlic Shrimp>> Garelic herb butter/sauteed Hamakua mushrooms/ Waialua asaparagus/ red peppers/ steamed Jasmine rice
  • Alae (Salt) Roasted Half Chicken >> cous cous/confit of leek jus/kale/heirloom carrots/teardrop tomatoes Maui onion/bacon
  • Hawai'i Ranchers Beef Tenderloin>> Taro root puree/ shiitake mushrooms/ heirloom carrots/ black truffle sauce/ crispy sweet potato

Our menus include products and specialty items from these
local farms and suppliers:

  • Ho Farms (Kahuku, Oahu): Tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and okra
  • Marine AgriFuture (Kahuku, Oahu): Sea asparagus and limu ogo
  • Nozawa Farms (Kahuku, Oahu): Corn
  • Twin Bridge Farms (Waialua, Oahu): Asparagus and potatoes
  • Ka Lei Foods (Honolulu, Oahu): Eggs
  • Poamoho Organic Produce (Waialua, Oahu): Organic fruits, avocado, mango, ulu, lychee, papaya, long egg plant, apple banana, luau leaf
  • Kolea Farm (North Shore, Oahu): Organic salad greens, lemons, parsley, daikon, kale, Swiss chard
  • Hawaii Ranchers Natural (Big Island/Kauai) Grass-fed beef
  • Kula Country Farms (Kula, Maui): Onions, carrots, watermelon radish, local beets, Big Island hearts of palm