Experience Surfer, The Bar - at Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore

You never know who's going to drop in - hear what pro surfers, celebrities and North Shore icons have to say: Click Here

First there was Surfer the magazine. Now there’s Surfer the bar – except it’s more than a bar, it’s a true original, located in the flashpoint of global surfing,  Oahu’s legendary North Shore. Surfer is a partnership between Turtle Bay and Surfer magazine, the global bible of surfing culture and a magazine known for its stunning photography, free-flowing writing style and eye-candy advertisements. Surfer chooses its partners carefully, which says a lot about the character of this bar.  For more information contact us at 808-293-6000.

Forget dark wood paneling and marble bar-tops, Surfer has its own very original look and feel. And although the bartender can fastidiously make your favorite cocktail, the drink of choice here is a 16-ounce pint of ice-cold beer, many of them local small-batch brews. Sure the food is fresh, flavorful, sometimes spicy Hawaiian comfort food, prepared by white-hat chefs in the acclaimed resort kitchen, (CLICK HERE for Dinner Menus and HERE for Happy Hour Menu). But food, beverage and décor are not the real reasons why the audience – locals, guests of the hotel and word travelers – gather here.

Did we say “audience?” Surfer is a stage for Hawaiian musicianship, an unlikely mash-up of traditional Hawaiian, modern rock, hip-hop and reggae. In addition to scheduled performers, Surfer has quickly become a showcase for new talent as well as a platform for surprising, impromptu performances by celebrity musicians who like the Surfer vibe, the close connection with their fans and the musical honesty they find here.

Surfer is also a screening room for international and local Big Wave filmmakers, documentarians and photographers who consider Surfer to be the perfect venue for sharing their craft with an appreciative audience who want to see the beauty, majesty and danger of the sea through the eyes of those who know it best.

Surfer is a focal point for awards and recognition. Like Surfing magazine’s annual Poll & Video awards and Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. Plus events honoring surfing legends, highlighting the sports’ contribution to saving the seas and educating future generations of Watermen.

It is a studio for live webcasting of some of surfing’s biggest pro events and up-close-and-personal musical concerts. It is also a soapbox for TalkStory, a centuries-old Hawaiian tradition roughly meaning “to converse informally and openly as good friends do”. TalkStory quickly became one of the most popular attractions at Surfer when writers like Susan Casey, author of Wave, surf icons like Fred Hemmings (also co-founder of The Triple Crown), renowned surfing photographers like Steve Sherman and Clark Little, plusand Hawaiian music legends like John Cruz took to the stage. The TalkStory format features revealing discussions between the on-stage storytellers and the audience, intertwined with high-res imagery and, in the case of musicians, performances by the guest or guests.

The most exciting thing about this bar, with its big screen stage, wicked audio, and laid-back aesthetic is that you never know who’s going to drop in, which makes Surfer one of the most original and engaging places in the universe. It’s a complete re-imagining of the American sports bar, one where all 110 people in the room knows they’re all in this thing together.