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Customized Personal Training 60 Minutes

Spend time with our Nationally Certified Personal Trainers, who will design an exercise regimen to meet your specific needs.


Customized Yoga Session 60 minutes 

Deepen your Yoga practice with our Certified Yoga Instructors. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced Yogi, our instructors can promote better alignment and adjustments of your postures with this private session.


Customized Pilates Reformer Session 60 Minutes 

Strengthen your Powerhouse with our Certified Pilates Instructors. Pilates focuses on strengthening your core in order to re-align your spine and increase flexibility and power

of your abdominal and back muscles, using our Pilates Reformers and mat sessions. A 30-minute consultation is required for every first time session to allow us to customize the correct program and determine your current level of core strength.


Power Stretch 30/60 Minutes 

A Certified Personal Trainer will customize a stretching and self myofascial release program to help release any tight muscles and acute pain, also increasing circulation to help release lactic acid. This will be done with a combination of different modalities using facilitated, passive and/or dynamic stretching along with self myofascial release.


Wellness Classes

Nalu offers a wide variety of wellness classes to enhance your workout regimen, seven days a week. Inquire at the Spa to learn more. Some classes require advance reservation.


Private Group Wellness Class 

Book a private group wellness class with any of the classes on our Wellness Calendar.