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Banzai Divers Hawaii

 Banzai Divers Hawaii

Banzai Divers Hawaii

Banzai Divers Hawaii is a small scuba diving company that focuses on small, personable groups where divers are treated like old friends. Our goal is to share our love for Hawaiian diving and creating unforgettable memories for you.


No Experience Dive

Whether this is your first time experiencing SCUBA, you’re an uncertified diver, or it’s just been a while, this is the perfect choice for you! Our experienced, professionally certified PADI instructors will guide you through your first breaths underwater, or reintroduce you to your passion.

Lava Tube Dives

Beautiful and unique dives in world-renowned Pupukea Marine Life Preserve, known locally as “Sharks Cove”. Here we encounter underwater topography such as lava tubes and tunnels, trenches, arches and an abundance of protected marine life such as turtles, monk seals, octopi, rays and a plethora of native fish!

Night Dive - Marine Preserve

No matter how experienced you are, what your certification level is, our night dives are sure to excite. Crowd favorites hard to spot during the daylight come out to hunt and play like octopus, squid, crustaceans like crab, shrimp and lobster, along with moray eels of all shapes, sizes and colors.