Oceanfront view from resort
Oceanfront view from resort

Our Kuleana

We’re inspired by the ocean, our connection to nature is all-encompassing, and we’re first and foremost guided by a deep respect for the land. As one of Hawaii’s sustainable resorts, Turtle Bay Resort embodies the spirit of its North Shore legacy, the culture of respect and responsibility established by the ancient Hawaiians.

Hidden Beach
Global Wellness Day
Sea Turtle

ESG Report

We remain committed to preserving the culture of respect and responsibility to truly malama ʻāina (care for the land) and our people. We are proud to release our corporate environmental, social, and governance initiatives and achievements.

Kuilima Farm
Kuilima Farm at Turtle Bay Resort
Kuilima Farm stand

Kuilima Farm

On the Mauka, or mountain side of the Kamehameha Highway, local farmers grow a bounty of delicious produce. Kuilima means “holding hands with the land,” and nothing could be more true for the vision of this protected 468 acres of agricultural land on Oʻahu’s North Shore, to help promote stable and sustainable food production on the island.


Sustainability Practices & Initiatives

Welcome the Whales

We've partnered with NOAA to count humpback whales off the shores of Turtle Bay. Humpback whales visit our waters beginning in November through April, with the peak season being from January to March. Come take part in the sanctuary’s award-winning outreach program that gives volunteers the opportunity to monitor and record humpback whale behaviors during their stay in Hawaiian waters.

Beach Clean Up
Beach Clean Up

We host monthly clean-ups and partner with community groups such as Sustainable Coastlines, Surfrider Foundation, and Parley Hawaii. We've also partnered with the North Shore Community Land Trust (NSCLT) to conduct community workdays every second Saturday of the month, focusing on sand dune restoration at Kahuku Point. 


Native Planting

The resort partnered with local plant nursery Hui Ku Maoli Ola to transform its surroundings by removing invasive species and reintroducing plants unique to the North Shore. Now, 58% of the 29 acres directly surrounding the main building, Ocean Bungalows, and Ocean Villas have been restored to endemic, native, or Polynesian-introduced.

Paniolo buffet
Food & Beverage
  • Food Waste The resort has teamed up with local organizations to feed the hungry across the North Shore by donating bulk leftover meals from banquet functions. Foods unsafe for such practices are discarded and used by local farms.
  • Post Consumer Biodegradable Items - To reduce plastic and styrofoam products, all cups in our restaurants and outlets are either washable and reusable or are made from corn-based or post-consumer materials, which break down quicker. 
  • Bio-Diesel Conversion - Sharing in the mission of preserving our natural resources, the resort has partnered with nearby Brigham Young University, Hawai’i, in turning the hundreds of gallons of oil used in our kitchen into biodiesel used by the University to fuel its fleet of vehicles.
Alaia Dinner menu
Ocean Friendly Restaurant

Our signature restaurant, Alaia, was named an Ocean Friendly Restaurant by the Surfrider Foundation in 2023. The program identifies eco-conscious restaurants across the country dedicated to prioritizing sustainable practices for ocean conservation, allowing patrons to dine with a peace of mind.

Pools Aerial
Solar Rooftop

In December 2013, Turtle Bay became the first Oahu resort with a solar roof installation. The energy savings are immense, reducing the amount of fossil fuel usage equivalent to 4.3 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions over the next ten years. That’s equivalent to planting 350 acres of forest. Our new roof also saves 1,000 barrels of oil annually, diverted from the production of electricity.  In 2021, the resort added solar panels to each cluster of Ocean Bungalows.

Energy Management System

An Energy Management System automates chillers and air conditioning systems in areas not in use. Each room has been fitted with a special monitor that allows for the setting of room temperature upon check-in or before the start of a function/event.

Palmer Golf Course
Waste Water Treatment

To greatly reduce the demand for fresh water, the golf courses use the resort’s wastewater, treated and recycled through our wastewater treatment plant. The recycled water acts as a natural fertilizer to the golf courses’ paspalum turfgrass, which is saltwater-tolerant and ideal for the North Shore environment. With the salt now present in the turfgrass, we allow it to work in our favor as a natural herbicide to prevent unwanted plants and weeds. The paspalum turf also serves a vital role in cleansing nutrients and contaminants from the recycled water as it moves through the soil and into the underground aquifer that supplies multiple outlets, including the resort’s potable water and the Board of Water Supply.


North Shore Stables
Recycling & Compost

Resort-wide recycling has gone full-effect, with an average increase of 1.8 tons of recycling over the last two years. Trash numbers have also gone down 0.4 tons each month. Recycling collection centers are located in designated areas of the resort for both guests and employees.

The bulk of green waste from foliage is turned into mulch, while a small amount is used in our composting area. Our landscaping company mixes green compost with horse manure from our stables for planting material.

Ocean View King
Guest Rooms

Linen Program - A fresh set of bed linens will be arranged after the third night of each guest's stay, allowing us to reduce the amount of water and detergent used. To further support our sustainability efforts, only towels left in the bathtub are replaced. 

Restrooms and showers throughout the resort have also been upgraded to reduce water usage in toilets, urinals, and showers. With the upgrade, water usage has significantly decreased.

Adult Pool Deck
Pool Conversion

Resort pools have been converted to use natural salt water rather than chemically-based chlorine. The saline system eliminates the need to manufacture, transport, and store pool chlorine that is not as friendly to the environment.


Charging Station
E-Vehicle Charging Stations

There are four E-Vehicle charging stations available on-site for resort guests and visitors. Additional fees will apply.




Aerial of Kahuku Coastline


  • TripAdvisor Award Platinum Green Leaders Award in 2014 and Silver Green Leaders Award 2013 for Turtle Bay’s green practices and commitment to enhancing those practices. 
  • Hawaii Green Business Program & Award - recognized member of the Hawaii Green Business Program (HGBP), which assists businesses that strive to operate in an environmentally and socially responsible manner was awarded with the 2015 Hawaii Green Business Award.
  • Green Eco-Leaf Rating - prestigious 4 Green Eco-Leaf rating by completing a 70 point comprehensive eco-audit survey administered by iStayGreen.org.