Jamie O'Brien Surf Experience

Jamie O'Brien Surf Experience

Hawaiʻi is the surfing capital of the world and the birthplace of surf culture. Oʻahu's North Shore is home to legendary swells. And at Turtle Bay, you can ride a wave at one of North Shore's famed surf breaks with a pro.

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Learn from one of the island’s best surfers who know the breaks like the back of their hand. There’s nothing like the thrill of the ride and the feel of the ocean around you. To do it alongside a pro is a surf experience that can’t be topped. As the exclusive surf partner for Turtle Bay Resort, the Jamie O’Brien Surf Experience is one of the premier surf schools on the North Shore. With premium equipment, you'll be guided by their friendly and professional team through curated surf and stand-up paddle experiences. All ages and skill levels are welcomed.

Girl Surfing Jamie O'Brien Group Surf Lesson
Children's surf lesson Sup-Squatch Stand Up Paddling

A highly personalized surf session like this is sure to earn you bragging rights and be a story you’ll tell for years to come. Capture the day on one of our GoPros as proof of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.