Paniolo Pāʻina

The official meaning of Paniolo is a person who herds cattle, a cowboy. But the experience of it is steeped in a rich cultural tradition of Hawaiian ranching. Delicious eats, live entertainment, fun activities for the keiki. At Turtle Bay, the highlight of any visit is experiencing a Hawaiian Paniolo Dinner, set against a backdrop of the stables and ocean.

Beginning this December, our weekly Hawaiian Paniolo Pāʻina will feature a buffet of perfectly Smoked Beef Brisket, a pig roast, grilled pineapple, a variety of enticing salads and vegetarian items.

Paniolo Pāʻina Set Paniolo Pāʻina
Pony Entertainment Horses at the Stables

Held on the lawn, this festive event is topped off with live entertainment, pony rides for the kids, and tours of the stables. Authentic Aloha from start to finish.

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