North Shore Surf with Pup

Surf With A Pup

Experience Oʻahu’s legendary surf in a one-of-a-kind way with our resident surf ambassador Rocky and his surf-loving canines. Hop on a surfboard or stand-up paddle board for an unforgettable surf session.

Sunshine overhead, waves beneath you, and an adventurous pup at your feet. What could make your vacation more complete? It’s one thing to experience the waves of our legendary North Shore. It’s entirely another to do so with a happy and eager furry sidekick. The sight of dog surfing in Oʻahu is pure joy. The experience of it is pure aloha.

Surf with a Pup

North Shore native Rocky Canon finds surfing and stand-up paddle boarding with dogs to be a calming experience when introducing newcomers to Hawaiʻi waters. His canine crew are good swimmers and have great (four-legged) balance. Making even the most insecure swimmers feel at ease in the ocean. Canon has grown up in and around the ocean and is an experienced lifeguard, pro surfer, and surf contest announcer.