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How to Train for the Ragnar Trail Relay

Posted on Mon, 2017/02/13 - 9:33pm by Jessica Gellert

The first-ever Ragnar Trail Relay on Oahu takes place April 21-22, here at the majestic Turtle Bay Resort. With about two months to go until racers hit the trails, it’s time to start picking up the pace on your training.

The Ragnar Trail Relay is composed of three different trail loops. Together it comes out to about 13.1 miles, or a half marathon. There are eight members on each relay team. In between loops, runners camp and enjoy the excitement at Ragnar Village, which includes live music, yoga classes, bonfires and more. Although fun, the race must be prepared for.

Ragnar’s trail partner, Salomon created two plans to help both beginners and intermediate runners get ready for a Ragnar Trail Relay. You should be running at least 4x a week and at least 50% of your runs should be on trails. Hill training is also a big component of the training calendar- you gotta build up your strength and endurance! Of course, you can expect hills at the Ragnar Trail North Shore Oahu! But you should be doing more than just running. Strength training and cross training are also essential in training for a Ragnar Trail Relay. As well as active rest days. Salomon says an active rest day includes a core workout as well as light resistance training. Rest days can also be a short hike or walking.

Here’s the plans:

Beginner's Guide

Intermediate Guide

Ready to run!? Sign-up for the Ragnar Trail Relay at Turtle Bay Resort, here
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