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You Belong On The North Shore

Posted on Mon, 2014/12/15 - 11:32am by Jeff Mull

If you close your eyes at night and visions of crashing waves, green mountains, and picturesque beaches flash before you, chances are you’re yearning for the North Shore.Whether our idyllic stretch of sand and surf has been your go-to vacation destination for years or you’ve always wanted to see what the hype is all about, the North Shore is calling your name. Still not convinced that you need to pack your bags and book a ticket? Take a few minutes and see if you fit into any of these categories. If the answer is yes, you know what the next step is.

You belong on the North Shore if you’re the type of person who craves adventure. Surfing, yes, of course! The Sport of Kings has come to define the North Shore, but that’s not the only thing we have going for us. Diving into the great blue depths of the sea, mountain biking through ancient Hawaiian trails, or cliff diving are but a few of the DAILY activities that could be in your future if you come pay us a visit.

You belong on the North Shore if you love farm-to-table cuisine. With dozens of farmers raising everything from our famous North Shore shrimp to taro grown in ancient fields to the freshest fish and free-range chicken you can find, the North Shore is a Mecca for the environmentally conscious foodie. Want more proof? Check out what these amazing farmer’s markets are stocking.

You belong on the North Shore if your ideal evening sounds anything like this: You, your significant other, a bottle of wine, a hot grill, a perfect sunset followed by a campfire topped with lots of laughter. Ahhh perfection.

You belong on the North Shore if you’d rather exercise outdoors than in a gym. We’ve never understood the appeal of a treadmill. (Perhaps that’s because we’re surrounded by some of the best weather on the planet.) But why anyone would choose to run in place, cooped up in a dank gym, when they could be running or biking down our famous bike paths or along the beach. If the smell of salt water and the trade winds on your face sounds more appealing than staring at a wall, you know where you belong.

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We went to North Shore, Oahu last April/13. We fell in love with the people, the breeze, the warmth of the sun, the surf.......I can't explain why but we just belong there. We fit like a small piece of the puzzle, we just fit. When I close my eyes I dream of the North is our Oasis!
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I belong on the North Shore because I'd rather be experiencing the photos that are posted instead of just looking at them!
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Too beautiful maybe some day
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We both need to work.... I will work my ass off but I want to play here at least once a year!!!