Resort Activities

Vans Triple Crown Director Randy Rarick

Vans Triple Crown
Dir. Randy Rarick

Wind Surfing Champion Robbie Naish

Robbie Naish
and Jodi Wilmott

Talk Story at Surfer, The Bar and Hear True Tall Tales from the Ocean

Talk Story, known in Hawaii as mo'olelo, is the tradition of personally sharing important stories to preserve them for future generations. Surfing is full of colorful, charismatic and creative characters whose contributions to the world span far beyond the waves.

Surf Talk Story, held seasonally on Thursday nights (8p) at Turtle Bay Resort's Surfer The Bar, brings surfing's legends and their tall but true tales directly to you, as they are told to host Rocky Canon.

Audrey Sutherland has paddled half-way around the globe in her canoe, penning three books along the way10x World paddleboarding Champion Jamie MitchellSUP World Champion and Turtle Bay Ambassador Kai Lenny

Legendary fimmaker of 'Endless Summer', Bruce Brown
drops into Surfer, The Bar for an impressive Talk Story Night.

Turtle Bay Ambassador and SUP World Champion, Kai Lenny
shares with us his ride to success.

Surfing Great and North Shore Icon, Clyde Aikau 'Talks Story' about his legendary brother, Eddie and growing up surfing the giants at Waimea.