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Oahu's North Shore

No less an authority than National Geographic just called it "one of the wonders of the world - one of Earth's most awesome places" and respected travel journalists are now referring to it as "the fabled shore." Separated from Waikiki by a scenic hour's drive and the Ko'olau Range, a fragmented remnant of a massive prehistoric volcano, the North Shore has remained a non-fiction Shangri-La that is one of Hawaii's last remaining places that is entitled to call itself authentic. If you want to discover another side of Hawaii, this is it.

Winter seas quickly climb sharply sloping coastal shelves to create colossal waves - at up to 5-storys high they are among the largest and most powerful curtains of water in the world. For surfers and their global followers this 7-mile stretch of white sand beaches possesses its own heroes, legends and icons. The epic waves, the incredible natural beauty and the friendly people have inspired distinctive music, art, photography, filmmaking and even food that are uniquely part of the North Shore vibe.

Meanwhile, on a hilltop high above ocean, an ancient temple overlooks Waimea Bay.

The temple is a national landmark and it, along with hidden valleys, secret trails and lush sanctuaries protecting more than 5,000 exotic and endangered wildlife species give us a completely different perspective not only of the North Shore but also of all Hawaii. The North Shore grabs almost everyone and never lets go. It is that memorable

It is also the home of the Polynesian Culture Center and Turtle Bay, the North Shore’s only destination resort. But much more than that, it is a community of people – native Hawaiians and generations of migrants who came in search of Eden and who know the North Shore in all its intricacies and who welcome those who come here to understand and soak up the specialness of it.

Polynesian Cultural Center

The Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC) is a 10 minute drive East of Turtle Bay. PCC is home to Hawaii’s #1 authentic luau and offers guests the chance to experience true Polynesia with interactive activities, presentations and of course great food!