north shore lifeguard
north shore lifeguard

The North Shore

The iconic North Shore of Oʻahu is among Hawaiʻi’s most coveted locales. Sun-drenched beaches make up eleven miles of the area’s 17-mile coastline, where jaw-dropping surf and 360-degree views set the stage for every activity. Historic Haleiwa town features specialty shops and boutiques with their own local flavor. Nearby parks and conservation areas wait to be explored, including picturesque Waimea Falls.

Roughly a one-hour drive from Honolulu and Waikiki, the North Shore gives way to the most beautiful stretch of scenery on the island of Oʻahu. You’ll be amazed at how much beauty you’ll find here.

North Shore surf
Waimea Bay
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Legendary Surf 

Winter doesn’t mean much in terms of weather here in Hawaiʻi, but the season that stretches from October to March means only one thing here on the North Shore: surf season and the swell of the powerful sea. There’s a reason the North Shore is known as the big wave surfing capital of the world. 

The best surfers in the world are drawn to our shore and whether you’re here to catch your next big wave or simply enjoy marveling at the power of Mother Nature, the North Shore puts on quite a show, with multiple 20-foot plus swells a season, some reaching as high as 40 feet. At Turtle Bay, we’re proud of our legendary surf DNA and our deep connection with the North Shore community. 

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Haleiwa town

North Shore Highlights

East of the resort:

  • Kahuku Shrimp Trucks - 3 to 5 miles
  • Kahuku Sugar Mill - 4.5 miles
  • Polynesian Cultural Center - 8 miles

West of the resort:

  • Sunset Beach - 4.9 miles
  • Banzai/Pipeline - 5.1 miles
  • Shark's Cove - 7.4 miles
  • Waimea Bay - 7.6 miles
  • Waimea Valley & Waterfall - 7.6 miles
  • Historic Haleiwa Town - 11 miles
Aerial view of Turtle Bay Resort
Off The Lip Lobby Bar
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About the Resort

From pristine beaches to lush landscapes, Turtle Bay invites visitors to discover the captivating wonders of O'ahu's natural treasures. Whether you're seeking thrilling adventures or serene moments of relaxation, this coastal haven promises unforgettable memories at every turn. Welcome to Turtle Bay, where the spirit of aloha awaits amidst the splendor of the North Shore.

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