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5 Reasons You Need to Visit

Get a preview of the breathtaking North Shore like only Turtle Bay can deliver it!

Turtle Bay Resort is blessed with a richness of nature that few places can claim: the most powerful waves in the world as well as tranquil bays for swimming. Miles of seaside walking trails, a farm on site, and a bird sanctuary. A landscape that lets us plan accommodations and North Shore activities thoughtfully, giving everyone an ocean view.

Our refreshed design, enhanced wellness program, Oahu activity packages, and new green initiatives are key to our unfolding story. Activity. Adventure. Authentic Hawai’i.

1. More to Do in a Day - Any Day

 You’ll never run out of things to do on Oahu. No matter what activities you like to do.

Turtle Bay offers the kind of endless, unbelievably unique North Shore activities that most resorts can’t ever claim to offer: surfing, stand-up paddling, kayaking, snorkeling, Segway tours, horseback riding, helicopter adventures, cycling, tennis, and golf. Imagine setting off on horseback pre-breakfast, a surf session after lunch, and a hike at sunset.


2. Blessed With the Best of the Land and the Sea

Surfing. Snorkeling. Hiking. Horseback Riding. And that’s just the short list.

While the North Shore is a virtual magnet for big surf, those seeking calmer waters can discover protected bays for swimming and snorkeling. On shore, fertile farmlands and lush forest sanctuaries feature amazing biodiversity and unspoiled vistas. We’re grateful for these gifts and are equally committed to protecting them.


3. Extra Breathing Space

Find a private stretch of sand. Follow an endless trail. Let yourself get lost in the peace and tranquility of it all.

At Turtle Bay, we take the concept of “getting away from it all” literally. As the most spacious resort anywhere on Oahu, we offer guests extra room to explore, stretch out and soak up the scenery. With a little more than 400 individual accommodations, we have approximately 2 acres of green space to every room. With a massive span of 850 acres, all of Waikiki can fit on our property, with room to spare. It simply makes your visit even more relaxing.


4. An Unforgettable Gathering Space

Talk story with the locals. Rub elbows with the famous. Bring everyone together in one magical place.

Turtle Bay is the living room of the North Shore, a welcoming hub where locals and islanders hang out with visiting pro athletes and celebrities. Our property is the ideal setting for bringing large groups of people together, creating memories to last a lifetime.

Considered the living room of the North Shore, Turtle Bay is a welcoming hub where locals and tourists hang out with visiting pro athletes, celebrities, and artists on a regular basis. Our diverse range of Oahu activities and settings also makes us the ideal resort in Hawaii for bringing together large groups of people to share stories and create lasting memories.


5. True Farm-to-Table

When we say fresh we mean REALLY fresh.

Farm-to-Table isn’t just clever marketing speak at Turtle Bay. It’s the real deal. Here, fresh means picked just minutes away from your plate. We’re fortunate to have partnerships with many of the local farmers on the North Shore to source our ingredients, some of which are sourced directly from farmlands on our property.