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Ragnar Race Comes To Turtle Bay April 2017

In the depth of the night, along a lonely dirt trail on Oahu’s North Shore, a runner slogs on. One foot in front of the other, his cadence is slow but deliberate. The dim of his headlamp meekly illuminates his path forward. For the next few hours, the runner will make his way through the bush, clocking in one mile after another. And when he’s done, depleted of energy and soaked in sweat, he will make his way back to a rally point where a teammate will take over and continue the race in the dead of the night.


Protecting the Pacific


Will Hawaiian Surfers Be on the Olympic Podium in 2020?

Antwerp. 1920.

A bronzed Hawaiian named Duke Kahanamoku stands triumphant on the Olympic podium, a buttery-gold medal dangling from his muscled neck. Having just bested the world, the Duke is on Cloud 9. For this young Hawaiian, whom many have called the greatest swimmer of his era, this moment marks his fifth time standing on an Olympic podium, a feat that many never believed to be possible.