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Things to Do

Most Popular Activities

Experience a seaside horseback ride, zoom through trails on a segway or enjoy kayaking with sea turtles. Check out these most popular activities at Turtle Bay Resort.

Ocean Activities

Get the thrill of a surf lesson out at Turtle Bay's famous surf break The Point, Stand Up Paddle the secluded Kawela Bay and spot wildlife or test your limits and dive with sharks.

Self-Guided Activities

Explore 5 miles of raw coastline, bike along 12 miles of seaside trails, or snorkel and spot sea turtles. Check out these activities that you can do at your leisure.

Explore the North Shore

The North Shore is famous for its beautiful beaches, epic surf, and diverse culture. Check out our favorite ways to experience the North Shore.

Explore the Island

Fly high above Oahu and discover hidden waterfalls from a helicopter or explore the lush jungle terrain of the island.

Pools & Hot Tubs

Our pool area is a great place to zoom down a slide, fit in a few casual laps, and soothe tired muscles after a long flight or a full day of activity. Or better yet, our hot tubs offer the ultimate relaxation with a full view of the setting sun each day.

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