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We offer 850 acres of private property for filmmakers to utilize: including ample space for basecamp, trailers, and trucks. Miles of beaches, jungles, farmlands, forests and our hotel structures offer the perfect backdrop for movies, TV shows, and photo shoots. 

With room enough to get "Lost," high-end enough to get "Las Vegas," diverse enough to get "Ultimate Survivor" and "Unsolved Mysteries: The Amelia Earhart Story," and beautiful enough to capture the hearts of all who see it, Turtle Bay Resort continues to service Hollywood and print media from around the world with beautiful backdrops of mountains, jungles, and beaches. Wondering where Lost was filmed? Or where Hawaii Five-O was filmed? Read on. 


How It All Started 

Del Webb (Las Vegas impresario and former owner of the New York Yankees) opened the Turtle Bay Resort at Kuilima in May 1972 with pal Bob Hope as the headliner. Turtle Bay has always attracted Hollywood’s “A-List."


Many currently know us best for Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which was not only filmed here but featured Turtle Bay Resort under its own name as well. But this is only part of a history that now exceeds 150 movie and television relationships.


The original Hawaii Five-0 filmed and stayed at Turtle Bay, as did Magnum P.I., Murder She Wrote, Blue Crush, The Big Bounce, Along Came Polly and many more. Even ESPN got into the act with a special feature showcasing the local Kahuku High School Football Team, which continues to pour out more professional football players than any other school in the nation and with a special segment of Herstory, which featured Bethany Hamilton, who’s movie Soul Surfer won multiple awards after its release in 2011 (also mostly filmed at Turtle Bay).

Pirates of the Caribbean IV, Alvin and the Chipmunks III (“Chipwrecked”) and Journey 2 The Mysterious Island round out the latest releases of movies along with television shows such as Cougar Town, MythBusters, The Amazing Race and others still to come. Major attractions include 5 miles of beachfront, tropical forests, banyan trees, golf course, onsite accommodations, dining and transportation, experienced local crews, year-round shooting and only 45 minutes from Honolulu and HNL International Airport.

The stars continue to shine at Turtle Bay, whether in the clear skies above our head or as guests of our hotel. As they say at Surfer,The Bar here at Turtle Bay... "You just never know who might drop in."

Exquisite oceanfront views and varied accommodations make Turtle Bay a breathtaking backdrop for video and photo shoots, the perfect meeting space in Oahu. Bring your shoot to the North Shore and benefit from Turtle Bay’s awe inspiring environment and convenient location, just 60 minutes from Honolulu with Enterprise Rent-A-Car available both at the airport and onsite.



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Out of privacy and safety concerns for our guests and employees, Turtle Bay Resort prohibits the use of drones, personal or commercial, without the prior written authorization from Resort management.  This prohibition includes drones used for filming or videotaping, as well as any drone use by media or journalists operating above or within the Resort boundaries. Any violation of this policy may involve confiscation of any equipment and may subject violators to any damages, including but not limited to, damages for violations of privacy and/or physical or personal injuries, or regulatory fines and legal fees.


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