yoga on the beach
yoga on the beach

Return To Yourself

Discover a world of wellness and nourishment for body, mind, and soul. An authentic Hawaiian experience. Where Aloha Aina, a love of and nurturing care for the land, drives everything we do and the setting itself restores your sense of well-being. Recalibrate with the help of an on-site Nalu Wellness Concierge. Tap into the power of nature foraging la’aulapa’au (medicinal) native Hawaiian plants in our healing gardens. And optimize health, vitality, and relaxation in a Stay Well Premier room or suite. A holistic wellness journey from early morning light to the day’s last sunset rays. We nurture this natural miracle we call Hawaii in respect and gratitude for the gifts it provides.

yoga on the beach

Nalu Spa

Let the ocean’s energy gently push you to a place of new vitality. Our spa is an extension of North Shore’s natural rhythms, meditation in motion, with unique spa experiences that access the stillness deep below the surface.

We protect your health and vitality using pure, sustainable, and natural ingredients. And the setting is stunning beyond imagination. The only thing between you and the North Shore’s famous swells are the immense walls of glass, so it feels as though the ocean is at your feet

Relax With Us
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fitness center
Fitness Classes

There is nothing more motivating than these panoramic ocean views. Find equipment, a wide array of classes, and wellness events in the most breathtaking setting.

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Nalu Boutique

Take the relaxing Nalu experience home with you. Life-enhancing spa products, local jewelry, casual wear, and aromatherapy.


Stay Well Premier Accommodations

Complete your wellness journey with a stay in our Stay Well Rooms & Suites to purify and rejuvenate, help you sleep better and rest well. Air purification energizing light, aromatherapy, soundscapes, Stay Well mattress, and more.

Wellness Events

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