Stories from the North Shore

Connect with the people of the North Shore, and understand their traditions, and what makes the location so unique.

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  • kahuku-beer-garden
    Visit the Only Beer Garden on the North Shore
  • Shark Diving
    Oahu Shark Diving: Moments of Adrenaline on the North Shore
  • Surf House
    Pack Your Beach Bag With Our Favorite Sustainable Items
  • Mineral Sunscreen
    Forgot Your Sunscreen? Shop Our Favorite Reef-Friendly Brands
  • Farm to Barn Cafe & Juicery
    Get a True Taste of the North Shore at Farm to Barn Cafe & Juicery
  • Absolut Elyx Live Slow Cocktail
    Celebrate the Turtles With This Special Cocktail at Alaia
  • North Shore
    Top 10 Things To Do On The North Shore In Summer
  • Turtle Bay Resort
    Turtle Bay Resort Nominated for Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards 2022
  • Sand Sifters Beach Cleanup
    How to Sift for the Oceans with Parley