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It's Time to Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

You’re standing on the edge of a cliff, your knees are shaking slightly and your heart is racing. Twenty feet below you stands the ocean. This is crazy, you tell yourself. But then, another voice calls out, compelling you to step outside of your comfort zone and take the plunge. And with that voice urging you on, you take a deep breath and leap off the cliff and into the ocean. By the time you make it to the surface, you can’t fight back your smile; you've never felt this alive.


Swim the North Shore this Summer

In the world of competitive open-ocean swimming, you’d be hard pressed to find a better venue than Oahu’s North Shore in the summer. Come June to September of every year, the lively surf that’s given rise to the North Shore’s lore takes a breather and lake-like conditions can be found among our famous reefs. Out of these tranquil waters, the North Shore Swim Series—a five-part open-ocean swimming competition—was born.


Three Things You Should Know Before Your First Surf Lesson

For years, you’ve always wanted to surf. There’s something about being in the elements, surrounded by crashing water and sunshine, that’s called out to you. And now, here at Turtle Bay amid what has so far been a dream vacation, you’re ready to take the plunge. But before you make your way into the lineup, you’d be wise to read over our know-before-you-go list.