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Swimming with Sharks

“Make eye contact and don’t flail my arms around like an injured, sick animal.” That phrase repeated in my head over and over again as I made my way off the One Ocean Diving vessel into the deep blue ocean. Within seconds I was face to face with a shark. I always imagined what I would do in this situation. I would freeze in fear and drown. (Yes I am a little dramatic) but in reality, I found myself in awe of how beautiful, graceful and unthreatening the sharks were. I was in 200 ft of water, floating free surrounded in all directions by dozens of sharks – and I was more alive than I have ever felt. Of course hours earlier I was not this calm or comfortable. In fact, the night before I couldn’t sleep because I was so anxious of my plans to do what my 90-year-old grandma called “live dangerously”.

Your Perfect Family Friendly Getaway

It took just a little more than five hours to get from the congested sprawl of Los Angeles to the open air and sweeping skies of Oahu’s North Shore. As anyone who’s ever completed this arduous journey with a family of four will tell you, traveling with two young kids is no easy task. You’ve been looking forward to this vacation for some time now—an opportunity to reconnect with your spouse, leave the weight of the office behind for a short week and give the kids a vacation they’ll never forget. And now that you’re here, with the sweet scent of plumeria permeating the air and a salty mist from the ocean hanging overhead like cotton candy, it’s all become real. This spring break vacation on the North Shore is going to be unforgettable.


Honey Girl Gives Birth to 9th Pup at Turtle Bay

Honey Girl is at it again. The Hawaiian Monk Seal estimated to be 18-years-old is doing her part to keep the endangered species going in Hawaii. February 25th she gave birth to her 9th pup (The 7th at Turtle Bay). The female pup will have her mother taking care of her for at least 6 weeks. Honey Girl will teach her how to swim and hunt. Once the little one can fend for herself, Honey Girl will return to frolicking along Hawaiian Islands (mainly Kauai & Oahu).

Honey Girl’s History

  • Tagged in 2002 as an adult on Kauai
  • Has mostly spent her time since between Kauai and Oahu

Life as a Mom