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5 Reasons You Don't Want to Miss Wanderlust Oahu 2015

5 Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss Wanderlust Oahu 2015

1.      It’s on the North Shore of Oahu!

The North Shore has starred in movies, TV Shows, books, magazines and more.  Its known as the surf capitol of the world, and home to the 7 mile miracle that encompasses legendary Sunset Beach, Banzai Pipeline and Waimea Bay.


Hike Kaena Point

For many visitors, the words North Shore conjure up images of mammoth-sized waves at Pipeline and Sunset Beach. But in addition to the wealth of perfect waves, the North Shore is almost home to some world class hiking as well. Just a short drive from Turtle Bay Resort stands the iconic Kaena Point, with numerous trails and hikes slither down the mountains. As a favorite weekend activity for both tourists and locals alike, no North Shore trip would be complete without spending an afternoon hiking the trails of Kaena Point. Here’s what you need to know before you get started:


Three Ways to Live the North Shore Life

There's a reason people from all over the world converge on Oahu's North Shore. The minute your toes hit the warm pacific, with the golden sand coating your feet, you're transported to a better place. A place where the stress of daily life fades away with every wave that crashes on the shore. The North Shore, and the lifestyle that accompanies living here, is the key to to a better life. If you're not fortunate enough to call this stretch of paradise home, we've outlined three crucial elements to North Shore livin' that you can impart on your daily life, no matter where you call home.

Play hard.