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Let's Talk story Category: North Shore

North Shore Town Highlight: Haleiwa

A town you can’t afford to miss while staying with us on the North Shore of Oahu is Haleiwa. The word Haleiwa means "house of the frigate bird" in Hawaiian. Haleiwa, pronounced hah-lay-EE-wah is a historical surf town that's about a 25 minute drive from Turtle Bay Resort.

The charming community dates back to the 1900s and was developed to support the sugar plantation industry, which was the north shore’s main source of jobs in the day. Today the town’s architecture still resembles the early 1900s. In 1984 Haleiwa was designated a State Historic, Cultural and Scenic District. Today, many of the early business families and their original business buildings still remain in Haleiwa.


Seven Reasons to Visit the North Shore this Summer

Although the incredible natural beauty and relaxed, friendly lifestyle of the North Shore have been described as “Hawaii as it used to be”, there are many reasons to enjoy a summer vacation in Oahu's North Shore at Turtle Bay. Here are seven that quickly come to mind.

1. Fresh and Refreshing Seasonal Fare
There are five places to dine within the hotel itself, and two additional resort choices within a few minutes walk. All seven restaurants, bistros and bars feature fresh-picked fruits from local farms, including Turtle Bay’s own farm, and fresh-caught seafood selected by our chefs from the docks and fish markets along the North Shore. The quality and purity of the food are among the reasons Time/Life recently judged Hawaii to be the world’s healthiest place to live.  Not “one of the healthiest” but “the healthiest” (PERIOD)



What is the Ragnar Trail Relay?

The Ragnar Trail Relay takes place here at Turtle Bay Resort April 21-22, 2017! This is the first time the running event is hitting Oahu.

We talked story with Ragnar’s Social Media & Digital Brand Marketing Manager Becca Babicz to get the run down on the event.

1. What is the Ragnar Trail Relay and what can participants expect?