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Let's Talk story Category: North Shore

Our Top Three Summer Adventures For Your Family

At Turtle Bay Resort, we believe that there's always an adventure to be had. Whether it's swimming with sharks or exploring a hidden trail, an adventure is always around the corner. To make it even easier for you to seize the day, we've highlighted our three favorte family friendly adventures below. 

Canoe Surfing with the Family: The Ride of Your Life

From your vantage point in the outrigger, you can perfectly see the wave approaching. As the swell marches steadily toward you, a sense of excitement fills the warm Hawaiian air. All around you, the water glistens and the smell of salt lingers overhead.


Can Surfers Teach Us To Live A Better Life?

As part of their Third Metric Series, the Huffington Post examines measurements to happiness that don't include amassing money and power. And recently, they turned their eyes toward the lineups for some inspiration. In a piece titled "What Surfers Can Teach Us About Living Well" they examined a half-dozen characteristics of surfers that everyday people could use to improve their lives.


Mark Healey Is The Most Fearless Man On The North Shore

The North Shore’s own Mark Healey has built himself a sturdy reputation for being unafraid of anything. Whether it’s riding sharks (crazy true) holding his breath for more than five minutes (astonishingly true) and taking one of the biggest wipeouts we’ve ever seen (terrifyingly true) it's safe to say that Mark Healey's living life in fifth gear. In the post below, we’ve highlighted some words of wisdom from Mark as well as a few of the moments that made him such a legend.

About That Now Famous Puerto Bomb
Recently, Mark paddled into this behemoth wave in Mexico, only to be swallowed whole and catch one of the most intense beatings of his life.