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Discover the Windward Coast of O‘ahu from a New Perspective

Our North Shore insiders have amazing tips on where to go around the island. O‘ahu resident and Turtle Bay employee, Kate, shares her reasons for exploring Mokili'i Island on the Windward Coast of the island.

If you’ve ever been given a postcard from Hawai‘i, it’s likely that on the cover was a picture of Mokoli‘i Island. This popular tourist destination is located on the east side of O‘ahu near Kualoa Regional Park. However, this stunning visual is not just a landscape to look at from afar. 

“It is one of my favorite spots to hike and enjoy the sunshine over the weekend. Tourists like to kayak or swim there at high tide, but you can actually walk to the island at low tide (make sure to check the weather before you go),” says Kate. 

Unexpected Reason to Visit: 
If you’re looking see the island from a whole new perspective, this is the right place for you, offering unobstructed views of O‘ahu from its peak. The hike can take 10-20 min depending on your pace and speed, but these aren’t the only wonders that await to be discovered on the island. 

“The trail is 0.2 mile long (out and back), but my favorite part is the beach behind the island,” says Kate. The small beach is nestled within a tucked away cove and is a great place for a picnic or to sunbathe. While you’re laying on the beach, keep an eye out for the abundance of marine life that inhabits the waters. 

Travel Tip: 
When visiting, make sure to take a look at the tide chart beforehand! The island can be reached by foot during low tide, but make sure to wear reef walkers and be mindful not to obstruct any marine life. Oftentimes, visitors will travel there via small boat, kayak, or even surfboard, but you don’t want to be caught there without one if it’s high tide. 

“Check the weather before you go, as well. It could be very slippery if it rains, and some parts of it require climbing on the rocks, so make sure to wear the right shoes. Reef safe sunscreen, sunglasses, hats and water bottles are all recommended. If you like to take pictures, having a waterproof camera like a GoPro will be great!”

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