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Explore Most Northern Point of Oahu

Posted on Fri, 2015/03/06 - 2:50pm by Jessica Gellert

Turtle Bay is now offering North Shore Community Land Trust Kahuku Point (Kalaeokaunaʻoa) Community Restoration Workday tours guided by the North Shore Land Trust.  Our guide Tim took us on a 3 mile journey that offered beautiful ocean views and good company.  A family from Queensland Australia joined me as we learned about native Hawaiian plants that live along the coast, including the legend of the Naupaka plant. The Naupaka sprouts half flowers and can be found along the shore or up in the mountains. Hawaiian legend tells the tale of two star crossed lovers who were so in love a Hawaiian goddess was jealous. She then separated them, keeping the man in the mountains and the woman by the ocean.  You can reunite them by picking a flower from the mountain naupaka and the ocean naupaka and combining them into a whole flower.

We also spotted the Kolea- Pacific Golden Plovers. These little birds are mighty travelers who fly to Hawaii from Alaska in as little as 48 hours! The Native Hawaiians used these birds to help them voyage through the Pacific.

The highlight of the morning stroll was Turtle Bay’s resident Monk Seal nicknamed Honey Girl and her new baby girl pup that was born a week ago. It seemed like Honey Girl was letting her baby get used to water and we even caught her playing in the shore break. This is Honey Girl’s 9th pup and 7th born here at Turtle Bay.


WHEN:  Second Saturday of each month from 9am to 12 noon

Where: Meet in the Turtle Bay parking lot by the Paradise Helicopter sign. After checking in, volunteers will enjoy a 20 minute walk along the beach to Kahuku Point (Kalaeokaunaʻoa)

What to Wear: Please be sure to wear closed toed shoes, comfortable clothes and donʻt forget sunscreen

What to Bring: Reusable water bottle (snacks and a water refill station will be provided)