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Farmers' Market Treats

Posted on Thu, 2016/03/31 - 11:41am by Jeff Mull


Due to our perfect climate, the North Shore is blessed with some of the most fertile farmlands in the country. Here, just about everything grows. Because our fields rarely lay fallow and our bounties are often full, the North Shore is privy to a wealth of farmers’ markets. In fact, not counting the plethora of fruit and vegetable stands that you’ll find lining the road to Turtle Bay, the North Shore is home to four separate markets. As a visitor, meandering through the stalls and trying local produce should be a must on your North Shore vacation. However, we know that it can be a bit overwhelming at times perusing through all of the foreign flavors and smells. To make your trip to the market that much easier, we’ve highlighted three locally grown or produced items you have to try on your next visit.    

Apple Bananas
Aren’t all bananas essentially the same, you ask? Blasphemy! While we haven’t come across a banana we didn’t like, here in Hawaii, apple bananas reign supreme. Originally grown in the Philippines, apple bananas (or Latundan Bananas) have become a staple in island life and have a much sweeter, with just a touch of tartness, flavor than the traditional Cavendish banana the rest of the country is accustomed to. You’ll instantly recognize them at just about any Hawaii farmers’ market by their stocky shape. Grab a bushel and enjoy them with breakfast, lunch, or as an afternoon snack. Once you’ve developed a taste for these bad boys, it’ll be hard to go back to anything else.

Wow Wow Lemonade
With their iconic Aloha script logo and glass bottle, the folks behind Wow Wow Lemonade have been serving up their sweet and delicious beverages for throngs of thirsty patrons on Oahu for years. With ties in Southern California and Hawaii, the brand has grown rapidly since they first began slinging lemonade at farmers’ markets throughout Hawaii. You can find their mouthwatering gourmet lemonades at a variety of markets throughout the island and their stand, located in Haleiwa. This is a must for any farmers’ market trip.


Huli Huli Chicken
You may have first noticed it while wandering through the island. Or perhaps the smell of sweet smoke and spiced meat wafted into your car as you drove past a roadside cookery. But chances are, if you’ve spent a day driving or walking through any town in Hawaii, you’ll have come across Huli Huli Chicken. In Hawaiian, the word huli means to turn, and as the name suggests, huli huli chicken is made by constantly turning a delicious Hawaiian bird smothered in huli huli sauce (click here for the secret recipe) until you’re left with one of Hawaii’s most savory and sought after dishes. You can find huli huli chicken at just about any farmers’ market, so don’t be shy and dig in. We recommend grabbing a handful of napkins and simply tearing into the chicken with your hands at a picnic table. 

For the complete list and times for farmers markets to check out on the North Shore, Click Here.

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