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Getting Beach Ready at Turtle Bay Resort

Posted on Wed, 2019/07/03 - 5:21pm by Jessica Gellert

Whether you prefer to sweat your way to a healthier you or relax away the stress, there are treatments for everyone at Turtle Bay Resort’s Nalu Kinetic Spa. Total body wellness is the goal at Nalu Kinetic Spa. The Spa offers a fitness center with panoramic ocean views, live fitness classes and even personal training.

Spa treatments utilize organic ingredients to hydrate your skin and make you glow. Massages ease tension and get your blood flowing.

“Our goal is to help you reach your healthiest self through different types of fitness classes and training while providing the best therapies for recovery and relaxation,” said Turtle Bay Resort Director of Wellness Avigale LaGrass.

Nalu Kinetic Spa is offering new services this summer to help you be your healthiest and beach body ready.

Battlefit Program

The first is a new intense fitness class that will have you gasping for air no matter how fit you are. The Battlefit Program is a high Intensity military style functional training workout that challenges you mentally, physically and mentally. The fitness program was created by former servers of the British Army and is inspired by their training for battle.

“Doing this program will help you become leaner, physically fitter, physically stronger in all planes, mentally stronger, more flexible and gain social confidence,” said LaGrass. “We are so excited to launch this program for our guests and fitness members. We will launch a three day Battlefit Boot Camp and 6-15 week program for members and Kama'aina. This program will be packaged with massage recovery sessions at the spa to help you reach you healthiest goal.”

If Battlefit doesn’t sound like your thing, Nalu Kinetic Spa offers several other classes, including spin, barre, zumba, TRX, yoga, Pilates and Pound.

wbarker turtle bay resort photo
(Photo: WBarker on Instagram)

Looking for a more relaxing way to be beach ready? The good news is, you don’t have to break a sweat if you want to glow.

Nalu Kinetic Spa is now offering a tropical way to ease stress, rid your body of toxins and enhance relaxation.

Ginger Coconut Sugar Glow

Spa stock photo

While you are savoring your time in the sun on Oahu’s magical North Shore, this amazing treatment will help keep your skin refreshed and moisturized.

"This dazzling natural treatment begins with the vibrant aromas of our ginger-lime sugar scrub. Warm, nourishing coconut and argan oil infused with avocado oil, apricot oil, rose hip and vitamin E is slowly drizzled on the body for superior hydration, nourishment, and total body relaxation,” said LaGrass.

Nalu Kinetic Spa strives to use the cleanest, non toxic ingredients for both salon and spa services.

“What you put onto your skin also effects your total body,” explains LaGrass.

Get beach ready for the summer and year round at Nalu Kinetic Spa.

You can learn more about Nalu Kinetic Spa and its services here.

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