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Nalu (Wave) Therapy

Posted on Wed, 2014/10/29 - 12:17am by Jessica Gellert

Turtle Bay’s Nalu Kinetic is one of three spas in the nation to have the amazing treatment.The WaveMotion Table is making waves at Turtle Bay Resort’s Nalu Kinetic Spa.We have bragging rights. We are the ONLY spa in Hawaii with the amazing technology AND one of three in the whole nation. The Nalu (Wave)Therapy treatment is one-of-a-kind and great for athletes in need of a tune up or just about anyone with tight muscles that could use an extra deep stretch. Think mommies who constantly have a tot on their hips, athletes, runners – anyone!It makes sense to offer such an extensive treatment at Turtle Bay Resort. We’re located on the North Shore AKA The surf capitol of the world. Pro Surfers call Turtle Bay home during the winter months and they can benefit from the intense treatment.One surfer who tried out Nalu Therapy says he felt like he was getting a warm-up for a surf session. This is not a treatment to put you to sleep, but to invigorate and revitalize you.But don’t just take our word for it. Watch the video of The WaveMotion Table in action, or better yet, jump on it and try it out yourself. You won’t regret it and we’re sure your body will thank you.