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Swim the North Shore this Summer

Posted on Fri, 2016/05/20 - 10:25pm by Jeff Mull

In the world of competitive open-ocean swimming, you’d be hard pressed to find a better venue than Oahu’s North Shore in the summer. Come June to September of every year, the lively surf that’s given rise to the North Shore’s lore takes a breather and lake-like conditions can be found among our famous reefs. Out of these tranquil waters, the North Shore Swim Series—a five-part open-ocean swimming competition—was born.

The first swim of the series, the Aloha Salads Summer Sprint, sees athletes taking the plunge on June 11. As one of the shorter swims of the series, this inaugural race offers up a stunning course that stretches from Sunset to Ehukai, offering competitors one of the most gorgeous views in the country.

Just a few short weeks after the opening sprint swim at Sunset Beach, the series returns to the North Shore. This time, competitors will be circling historic Waimea Bay on June 25 for the Holo’s Waimea Bay Swim. In the pantheon of beaches in Hawaii, there are few that can hold a candle to Waimea. Conditions at this time of the year are sure to be serene, making for a perfect race.


On July 9, the third event unfolds at Chun’s and sees swimmers stroking all the way to Waimea in a 1.6-mile course. As you may have gathered, the races grow increasingly longer and more difficult as the series unfolds. For seasoned athletes and swimmers, this course begins to set apart the seasoned swimmers from the novices. 

As the second-to-last swim in the series, the North Shore Soap Factory Race runs a lengthy 1.9 miles from Laniakea to Puaena Point, testing swimmers all along the way. The swim kicks into motion on July 23 at 9 am. While the competiton will remain steep, those that can take a quick break will be privy to Mother Nature at her finest.
The fifth and final event of the series, the Jamba Juice North Shore Challenge, is composed of a 2.3-mile swim that’s sure to test even the most adept and accomplished swimmers. If you can imagine, swimming 2.3 miles is a major gut-check. But if you can finish this swim and the entire series, you’ll have something to be proud of for decades to come.