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#ThirstyThursday: Guava Cupcake

Posted on Sat, 2019/07/06 - 9:04pm by Jessica Gellert

Turtle Bay Resort Guava Cupcake cocktail

Pineapple, light rum and coconut cream… oh my!

There’s something about a Pina Colada that takes you away to a tropical paradise in one simple sip. But what if it was possible to make your pina colada experience even more incredible? Believe us, it is!

We are taking one our fan faves up a notch and giving it a special touch - guava.

This is one of our bartender Vince's favorite cocktails to share with Turtle Bay guests who visit him at The Point Sunset & Pool Bar.


“I call it, the Guava Cupcake because it tastes like guava cake to me. It’s fluffy and delightful,” said Vince.

You read that right. Vince adds in guava to his Pina Colada! Ready to try it out? Stop at the pool bar and ask Vince to make it for you (this bad boy is NOT listed on the menu).

If you can’t enjoy this slice of heaven in a cup with us on Oahu’s North Shore, no worries! We got your back!

Here’s the recipe.

First you need to make Turtle Bay Resort’s signature Pina Colada Mixture.

Our recipe makes one gallon, which is great because that means you can sip on Guava Cupcakes all week. Oh yeah!

- 15 oz of pineapple juice
- 15 oz of coconut cream
- 1 quart of Half & Half

Mix all those goodies together and you have a gallon of aloha just waiting to join the party in your cup.

- Ice
- Hana Bay White Rum
- Guava puree

*This is for one Guava Cupcake
1. Add 8oz of the Pina Colada mixture, 1 cup of ice & 1 ¼ shots of Hana Bay Premium Light Rum into a blender.
2. Blend while swaying your hips like you are doing the hula. (seriously)
3. Add a splash or about 1 oz. of guava puree into the bottom of your glass.
4. Pour the perfectly blended mixture into your glass. (You can stop swaying your hips now)
5. Garnish with a pineapple slice & a cherry.
6. Drink in the ALOHA! (Oh, we see you dancing!)

Let us know how your Guava Cupcake turns out below and share which #ThirstyThursday recipe you want to stir-up the fun with next. Cheers!

Turtle bay pina colada and Mai Tai


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