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Three Ways to Live the North Shore Life

Posted on Tue, 2015/01/13 - 2:50pm by Jeff Mull

There's a reason people from all over the world converge on Oahu's North Shore. The minute your toes hit the warm pacific, with the golden sand coating your feet, you're transported to a better place. A place where the stress of daily life fades away with every wave that crashes on the shore. The North Shore, and the lifestyle that accompanies living here, is the key to to a better life. If you're not fortunate enough to call this stretch of paradise home, we've outlined three crucial elements to North Shore livin' that you can impart on your daily life, no matter where you call home.

Play hard.

Whether it's surfing, snorkeling, free diving, or running the beach, every day on the North Shore encompasses one of those element—if not all of them. It's no secret that the key to happiness has to be tied to exercise. If you don't have the convenience of the ocean in your backyard, a lake or swimming laps in the pool or jogging along your local trails can go along way.

Eat better.

Anyone who has ever spent any time on the North Shore is left with the realization that people here are, well, fit. And while we do tend to get plenty of exercise (see the paragraph above) we also eat cleanly. Fish caught just off our shores, shrimp harvested down the streets, and vegetables grown in our local valley make eating healthy easy. While you've undoubtedly heard of any number of crazy diet fads, the truth to eating healthier is simple: mostly vegetable, some meat, less bread, all local.

Relax more.

This one's easy and comes natural to just about any one on the North Shore. Take some to enjoy the day. Turn off the laptop. Step away from the phone. Find a way to get away. Whether it's a sunset cocktail or just a few minutes to yourself, taking a little "me time" is imperative to your health.

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We need to check out this beach!
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I think Oahu and the North Shore are situated physically in a special place in the Pacific. I don't know exactly what it is but I was completely at peace when I was at Turtle Bay. Although I'm sure great accommodations and excellent mai tais might have helped, there was something else that was magical going on there. I hope to go back again someday.