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Turtle Bay Welcomes New Horse

Posted on Tue, 2018/03/06 - 10:02pm by Jessica Gellert

Turtle Bay Stables Red Barn

There's a new horse in town and Turtle Bay Resort's employees are pretty giddy about it.

"We are so excited because he is going to be an excellent addition," said Turtle Bay Stables Director Alicia McCumbers.

His name is Boogie, and he's an 11-year-old Quarter Horse Paint Gelding. Boogie was born at Kapualei Ranch on Molokai. He came to the island of Oahu several years ago to train as a rodeo horse in Kahaluu with a young boy.

"He did rodeo but he’s so mellow his previous owner, now 11-years-old seemed to grow out of him. He needed a more rambunctious horse," said McCumbers.

As soon as Boogie saw his new home at Turtle Bay Resort's stables, it was obvious he was pretty giddy to be here too.

Horse rolling on back at Turtle Bay Resort

Boogie immediately began rolling around on the ground, like a happy puppy. The body language actually speaks a lot according to McCumbers.

"Rolling in the pen, that means he’s comfortable and right at home. A lot of horses won’t instantly roll because they are prey animals and when you go down on the ground you are vulnerable," explains McCumbers. "Boogie seems to feel very safe and secure."

The other horses looked on curiously and were eager to meet Boogie has he made his rounds around the stables.

Two horses touching noses

Boogie will be participating in trails rides and keiki rides at the stables several days a week. Like the other horses, he will have days off to rest and enjoy free time.

Turtle Bay Resort has been offering horseback rides along the breathtaking coast of Oahu's North Shore since the resort opened in 1972. There are 29 horses at the stables now that Boogie has joined the team. Eleven-year-old Boogie is the youngest horse at the stables. The oldest horse is Mana, at 26-years-old.

horse in front of red barn

 “We look forward to having Boogie interact with our other horses, our guides, and guests. He is such a mellow and kind horse. He fits right in with our Turtle Bay Ohana,” said McCumbers with a smile.

Welcome to the ohana Boogie!