Stories from the North Shore

Connect with the people of the North Shore, and understand their traditions, and what makes the location so unique.

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  • A woman in a bikini lounging against a palm tree on the beach
    Top 10 Things To Do On The North Shore In Summer
  • Haleiwa Town
    Seven Steps To The Perfect Day In Haleiwa Town
  • A sea turtle swimming in the ocean
    Ultimate Guide To Sea Turtles In Hawaii
  • A yellow cocktail in a martini glass garnished with pineapple
    Roy's Hawaiian Martini
  • Sunset over Sharks Cove in the North Shore, Oahu
    The North Shore's Best Sunsets
  • A woman on a beach waving a colorful sarong
    Our Five Favorite North Shore Beaches
  • Sunset over Sharks Cove in the North Shore, Oahu
    Three Stops For Shrimp On Oahu's North Shore
  • A sea turtle crawling onto the beach out of the ocean
    Three Places To Spot Sea Turtles At Turtle Bay
  • A snorkler's POV of his feet floating in the ocean
    Our 3 Favorite Places To Snorkel On The North Shore